15 unusual sex positions for vaginal and oral penetration

If you want to read an article about unusual sex positions , then you are finally tired of the routine and routine in intimate relationships! Don't be surprised at what you see and read further, because we will show you mind-blowing options on how to have sex and not get bored! We hope you have good physical fitness, stretching and a trained breathing apparatus - otherwise you will not pull what we offer!

Usually women are interested in beautiful romantic sex, while men are more attracted to non-standards. Girls, tune in for the sake of your favorite guys to do fitness and lose a couple of kilograms! So, the most unusual sex positions with photos, gifs and detailed descriptions! You definitely did not know anything about them and you certainly never tried to bend with the letter

The most difficult positions for vaginal sex

Do you know why sex in a couple becomes sad and monotonous, like the sound of rain on a windowsill all night? Because people do not know how to visually enjoy the sex organs of a partner! But how pleasant it is to look at an erect vagina or an erect penis working hard for the demographic benefit of the country! So, poses with an unusual angle of penetration for visuals and aesthetes.

Unusual pose "Birch"

Girls, if you have problems with the spine, be careful, this position is probably not for you. But healthy gymnasts will like it! To fulfill it by 5 points, we recall the physical lessons and put the beauty in the "birch tree". Let it balance a little, get used to it, and then catch the penis with the crotch! A man moves up and down and sets the whole rhythm, a woman, unfortunately, does not have such an opportunity. The main thing is not to break your fairy's neck.

Girls, on the other hand, how much pleasure your partner will get by watching the work of your beloved vagina without visual barriers. Believe me, it's worth a try at least once. Men, do not forget to hold the legs of your "birch tree" with a firm grip, help the victim of your animal passions not to fold the backbone.

Passionate pose

Another position in sex for those who do not know the norms and boundaries in bed. In fact, this is an analogue of the previous version, but with a change of roles. Our man coils here in three rolls. But he, as always, has a lot of bonuses - what is the sight of the ass working in time with the movements of the ass and the erect anus! And how cool it is to watch the immersion of a member in a heated vagina - beyond words.

Sex position "Fire"

Do you want to blaze like a torch with passion, and at the same time bring the girl's clitoris to wet shudders? Press her as close as possible to you, throw your slender legs over your shoulders and enter the hot vagina with a strong penis. Hold your fire fury in a stranglehold - in this unusual position for sex, she is completely defenseless!

Fast orgasm in Courageous Cowgirl position

Do you like the thrill? Does balancing on the edge make you think of something sexy? Now you have the opportunity to be on the very edge of the knife, or rather, to keep your balance on the stool and at the same time surrender yourself to the hands of a passionate Amazon. Take a stronger chair if you don't want to break your back and penis, and pierce the girl's vagina. All the gusto is in the balance between sensation and fear!

Deep penetration

Still not enough thrills? What seasoning is missing? We know - cayenne pepper and hot habanero! These spices come together in one candid sex position, where your girl, like a spider, greedily devours the excited flesh and lures her breasts swaying further and further. Most likely, you will not mind pulling it on in such a spread! What a profile and full face! Che fortuna !

Sudden passion in an unusual "Padlock" pose

Do you realize right now that you want to possess her and pump up your muscles at the same time? An impeccable option - just the thing - we take the baby on the handles and mercilessly put our "garage key" into the "keyhole"! It is also useful for her - she will work her hips and pump up her sweet fluffy buns so that they sway even more actively next time!

Dirty "Doggy" for a change

There are pocket dogs, and we ordered a "bed lapdog" with breasts, vagina and charming ass! Did you think something perverted? We understand you, because sex in the position of an obedient doggy looks very vulgar! But it is impossible to refuse such a submissive and sweet girl, so we continue to fry our beauty.

Unusual sex position "Mermaid"

Let's move from a cozy crib to the sea, and remember that sex in water can also be unforgettable, unusual and daringly cool! We swing the maiden on a lifebuoy and pull our "fighter" into all the narrow slits. This is sliding, a wet body, erect nipples under a swimsuit, mmm ... When the respected Hans Christian wrote about mermaids, such ideas were unlikely to come to him ... The poor man never knew what it means to fry a siren ...

In the pose "Tango"

Do you like dancing? What's the difference! When a slender girl effectively lifts her leg in front of you and opens views of the "alpine meadows", you just want to become a Milka bull to graze on the lush grass! We dance, comrades, we dance! We can moan, moan, growl, butt, the main thing is to penetrate deeper and hold her hot ass tighter!

Hot night in clothespin pose

A specific pleasure that is felt already in the process, and then tightens and does not let go ... This is a stunning orgasmic explosion in the vagina and a hot stream of lava gushing from the penis ... Try this pose on a hot night under the twinkling stars.

Unusual positions for oral sex

Who said that you can do blowjob and cooney only in position 69, or lying on your back and alternately spreading your legs? It's insipid. And we want unusual poses and thrills! Get ready, it will be hot, because we are starting to smoke chicks with oral sex.

Awesome oral sex in the pose "Golden Gate"

We warned, it will be very flexible. Let's play with plasticine dolls? Then we bend the girl into the ring and feel the world differently. Do not forget to work with high quality language when you lose consciousness from specific effects!

Pose for oral sex "Zombie"

So, for the distributors of dark forces, vulgarity and in support of the demons of lust, we offer to have oral sex in the "Zombie" position. After such views that open to you, the devils will finally take over your mind and body. Girls, one piece of advice for you: do not eat peas and cabbage.

Deep throat

Well, how can we forget about the dream of all men - deep blowjob blowjob ! Of course we remember. And be sure to show the picture which position is suitable for a deep blowjob. Do not forget about preparation, so as not to get, instead of orgasms and a narrow throat, dead, undigested "California", eaten by your beloved a couple of hours ago during a romantic dinner.

Pose "Sweet banana" for blowjob

Oh, how diligently he "feeds" her! He has all the bonuses in general: the girl sucks the penis, has full access to the testicles, which she also stuffs into her mouth from time to time, fingers slide along the anus. This is not just oral sex in an unusual position, but a real underwater journey into the world of limitless fantasies.

Crazy Cooney on the edge of the bed

Why only boys receive gifts, and where are the nishtyaks for girls? They also love oral sex and want something special for dessert. Finally, we prepared the chef's signature strawberry cheesecake for the lovely girls ... Catch, beauties! Just don't faint from an overabundance of sensations!

As you can see, unusual positions in sex can organize such an intensity of passions that the sheets will smoke! Study, practice and write us your impressions! We ask you not to blame the injuries received - we warned, only for the flexible, strong and sturdy! Hasta la vista !

Published Date: 03rd Sep 2020
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