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How to make $200/Day using Adult Content

Everybody knows that sex sells. We all have that desire for sex. You do, I do, Damn! Even the animals do!

Today, you are going to learn how you can start earning at least $200 per day, by promoting adult websites online. This can be one of the most lucrative ways of creating that passive income you have always wanted. So get ready, grab your coffee and read on. What I am about to share with you, can change your life forever! Hang on.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Okay so listen up. The way in which this entire model works, is what is normally referred to as affiliate marketing. Therefore, one would ask, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the method by which you (the affiliate) earn money by marketing a product or service for another company. Still don’t get it? Say for example you have a company called Jerkmate, Jerkmate allows visitors to sign up and watch & chat with girls live on cam. This can be classified as the service that Jerkmate the website is providing. You would earn money from this by letting people know about Jerkmate’s amazing service and get paid for it. It’s literally that Simple!

crakrevenue affiliate marketing process

What is CrakRevenue?

So what is CrakRevenue and where does CrakRevenue fit into all of this? Well, CrakRevenue will be the nexus of this entire process. In other words, they are the brain that connects each of the moving parts and makes things 10X easier for you.

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CrakRevenue is a highly reputable adult affiliate network that provides a very sophisticated but simple to use platform, whereby users can sign up to become an affiliate and start earning money.

Here is what earnings from CrakRevenue looks like:

crakrevenue affiliate marketing process

The Process - How does it work & How to get adult traffic?

So now you know what affiliate marketing is and how CrakRevenue fits into all of this. But how do I go about promoting whatever needs to be promoted? Do I just share it with my friends? Do I post it on my social media?

Good question.

Let me give you a brief walk through of how this part of the process works. This aspect of making money from adult content is key to everything. Without getting people to visit or checkout whatever you are promoting, then nothing matters and you won’t make any money.

Before we proceed, let’s be clear about some terminologies that you will come across quite often.

  • Traffic - Traffic is simply visitors to your website.
  • Conversion - A conversion occurs when a visitor to the website you are promoting completes a desired goal. Most times the goal will be to complete a sign up, or purchase.
  • Lead - A lead refers to a potential customer or a prospect. For example, someone who has signed up for a product or service.
  • CTR - CTR stands for Click-through-rate. A click-through-rate refers to the number of clicks related to the number of impressions. A CTR is normally represented as a percentage.
  • What you will be focusing on to start making money are three things mainly:

  • Traffic
  • An Offer
  • Patience
  • This is really how the process will work. You are going to focus on getting visitors to your site or the product’s site (you don’t have to have a website to start). You are going to pick an offer(s) that you believe people will sign up to. You will need to apply patience and stick to the process until money starts flowing in. And trust me, it WILL flow in.

    One of the main hurdles that many people struggle with is how to get traffic. Afterall, it’s the blood of this entire process. Let me repeat, traffic is the blood of this entire affiliate marketing process. Like I said before, no visitors, no money.

    There are several ways you can go about getting visitors to check out the offer you are promoting. Most people who are just getting started will not have a website, but here is how you can start immediately:

    Social Media traffic sources


    Start a twitter account centered around adult content. You can choose to focus on a particular niche as this works best. For example, you can create a twitter account focusing on blonde hair girls. You would then tweet videos, photos and even text that people will find interesting. You can place your affiliate link that you will get from CrakRevenue in the tweet or in your bio for people to check out more. Do this from day to day or find ways to automate it. You will realize how quickly you can start earning money from your adult content, once you are getting those clicks


    You can start a subreddit focusing on a particular niche. For example, you could start a subreddit called ebonychicks4busyguys. Right there, you will share content of ebony girls and add your affiliate offer link for visitors to checkout. Basically you want to direct your traffic to the destination which is the affiliate link. That’s how the money will be made.

    There are other social media platforms where you can apply the same strategy and you can also add your twist to it, once it increases your traffic and chance of a conversion. So you can also look into other social media platforms like:

  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Website as your traffic source - SEO

    Social media is the easiest way to get started when it comes on to getting traffic for your adult content. But ultimately, a website works best. A website will make things 10X better. With a website, you focus on what is called SEO. This means people will go to your website from search engines like google.

    That way, you make money passively. You don’t have to worry about posting every day or every week to get visitors to check out your offers. With SEO, you do most of the work upfront and things are pretty much smoother after that. SEO is what you should aim for. But understandably, social media is the fastest way to get started. You can even combine both for more conversions and more money.

    What you can expect from CrakRevenue


    CrakRevenue gets a high score when it comes on to support. Upon joining CrakRevenue, you will be assigned an affiliate manager that is there to work with you to achieve your goals. The affiliate managers generally have a wide range of experience about what works and what doesn’t. This can make a huge difference in terms of your revenue objectives.

    CrakRevenue support team is usually fast, you can chat with them via their web platform, skype or even telegram. They do provide a wide range of ways to get help and this is very integral for when you need good support.

    Many Offers

    CrakRevenue has a huge catalogue of offers for you to choose from. At the time of writing this, CrakRevenue has over 670 offers to pick from. These offers span across several verticals or categories. Some of these are gaming, dating and cams.

    The CrakRevenue team is very helpful and they will guide you with choosing the best offers to start with as a beginner. Usually, choosing an offer will depend on several factors such as your traffic source, the demographic you are targeting and the type of income you would want to generate.

    Ton of Information

    When it comes to information and guides, CrakRevenue got you covered. You can find an article on almost anything about adult affiliate marketing over on the CrakRevenue blog. Crakrevnue’s blog has a lot of articles with very useful information. When you think about the information that you have access to from the affiliate managers plus the blog, that’s a whole lot of information to get things moving.

    The CrakRevenue blog will help you to navigate many of the challenges you will face when it comes on to making money online with adult content. For example, getting traffic to your offer(s) might be your biggest challenge. On CrakRevenue’s blog, you can find guides on this quite extensively. Guides that will help you to tap into the various social media traffic sources - snapchat, twitter, tiktok and also SEO.

    CrakRevenue has done a great job at making things 10X easier to make money online using porn.

    A reliable platform

    CrakRevenue offers a reliable platform for you to manage your affiliate marketing progress. Right from the platform you can do everything from picking your offers, view your earnings, changing your affiliate link, view your affiliate statistics, manage your payments and so much more. The platform is fast, reliable and robust.

    crakrevenue affiliate marketing process

    Getting Paid

    CrakRevenue Payments are normally on time. This is one of the benefits of using a company like CrakRevenue to generate your passive income - reliable, fast & effective. When it comes to getting paid from CrakRevenue, you have several methods of payment.

  • ACH
  • Check
  • Paxum
  • ePayService
  • Wire
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal is also available for U.S. and Canadian sources.
  • Crakrevenue offers a minimum payout of $100. However, for wire transfers, the minimum payout is $500.

    Crakrevenue offers three payment terms. These payment terms are Net 7, Net 15, Net 30.

    There are two different payment periods in which you get paid.

  • from the 1st – 15th
  • from the 16th – last day of the month
  • Promotional Tools

    CrakRevenue platform is very robust. You can find a supply of promotional tools that will help you to get the best results. Some of the tools include:

  • Survey machine
  • WordPress plugin
  • Live cam widget
  • Smart affiliate link
  • Custom landing pages
  • Final: How to get started today

    Now that you have a general overview of how to make money online with adult content, get started now by clicking this link to sign up to CrakRevenue:

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