My Wife and her Friend surprise me with a birthday threeway.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

It was my birthday, initially I was content to spend it with just my wife, Molly, eating cake and watching movies.

“Hey, I’m gonna invite Jessica over, is that cool?” Molly asked. Jessica was Molly’s friend whom she had just met and hit it off with. She was about 5’10”, long reddish brown hair and stacked. A few inches taller than Molly who is a bit more proportional but has an ass that’s out of this world.

“Sure,” I said. I hadn’t really expected to have anyone else over but Jessica was cool and we got along.

When Jessica showed up, we cooked dinner, and I popped on a horror movie. I noticed Jessica and Molly giving each other sly looks all throughout the movie.

“Y’all want to watch another one?” I said when the movie ended.

Molly, sitting between me and Jessica, said, “I don’t know guys I’m getting kinda horny.”

Before I knew it, Molly was making out with Jessica. After about a minute I felt Jessica grab my arm and slip it under her shirt. I could hear her moaning as my hand ran across her boobs. Molly just gave me a look and smiled as she took off her shirt. Jessica did the same as Molly and I both took turns licking her boobs. Jessica pulled me up and kissed me deeply, and then sat me down on the couch. She gave Molly that same sly look handed her a bandana.

“I want to see if he can tell which one of us is going down on him.” Said Jessica. Molly tied the Bandana around my eyes, and well I could immediately tell. Jessica’s boobs gave it away. But it didn’t ruin the fun of having two chicks sucking my dick. the blindfold came off and I saw them both going to town on my dick. I also noticed they were completely naked now.

It was Molly’s turn now. She sat down on the couch, as Jessica lapped up her pussy. Molly moaned, as she grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth. I could feel Molly’s frenzied moans every time Jessica licked. It was my turn to go down on Molly now, I don’t know if Jessica was insulted that I took over, but hey, it was my birthday.

After I made Molly cum, the girls got on all fours and waved their asses in front of me while they made out some more. I didn’t think I could get any harder. Jessica got on her back while Molly started going down on her and I fucked her tits. Every time my dick plowed through her massive melons, she licked the tip. She moaned in ecstasy as Molly continued licking her pussy. She grabbed my neck and pulled me toward her. After kissing me she whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuck me.” Molly must have heard that, because she came up from between Jessica’s legs and said, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

Jessica and Molly headed for the bedroom, and beckoned me to join. When I got there, they were again on all fours, this time ass to ass, rocking back and forth (Molly knows what I like.) Molly got on her back, Jessica got on top, with her ass up begging for me to pound her pussy. Molly just pointed toward her with a look that said “take it.”

And take it I did. I slid right into Jessica’s wet pussy. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve been waiting for.” She breathed. She was licking Molly’s boobs and writhing with pleasure as I fucked her. We went hard, when finally, Jessica exploded in a tidal wave of passion.

I pulled out, grabbed Molly and kissed her. “Is it my turn now?” She asked hopefully. She got on the side of the bed and bent over. I entered her pussy and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Jessica rolled over onto her back so molly could eat her out some more. Molly was all too eager to comply.

I couldn’t take it any more. Watching Molly eat Jessica out while I fucked her from behind, I pulled out and shot a massive load all over Molly’s juicy ass. She was literally dripping. “Wow.” Was all Jessica could say.

Jessica stayed over that night. After she left the next morning, Molly and I were still turned on from the night before, so we fucked some more. Happy birthday to Me.

Published Date: 24th Oct 2020
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