Lovense Sex Toys: Vibrators, Dildos, Plugs and More.

Updated October 15, 2023

Looking to boost your bedroom bliss? Craving toys that take you to the next level of pleasure? Lovense is revolutionizing sextech with app-connected toys that deliver powerful stimulation for solo and partner play. Their selection of vibrators, dildos and more are designed to unleash your deepest desires. On this page, dive into detailed reviews that unpack all the features of Lovense's most popular toys. Discover how each toy uniquely caters to different preferences with specialized shapes, pulsation patterns and custom vibration intensities. Find out which sexy gadgets users rank as the most orgasmic and satisfying. Get the inside scoop on how these smart toys enable long-distance intimacy and next-level foreplay. Learn how Lovense designs their products for discreet public play that keeps passion thriving anywhere. Dildos that thrust in sync with on-screen action? Vibrators that let your lover surprise you from afar? Lovense makes your fantasies come to life. With rave reviews from satisfied customers, Lovense consistently tops the charts for quality construction, innovative features and intense sensations. Users report these toys take their climaxes to new heights time and time again. Ready to experience high-tech, hands-free ecstasy? Eager to try sextech that actually lives up to the hype? Dive into our Lovense reviews, then treat yourself to these pleasure powerhouses. Take your solo sessions, foreplay and lovemaking into another stratosphere. Maximize your orgasmic potential with Lovense!

  • provides intense stimulation and pleasure through vibrations and contracting air pumps
  • fully rechargeable and easy to clean
  • can be used hands-free or with manual control
Ridge Review
  • magnetic charging so it's easy to recharge
  • can be controlled from anywhere via the app
  • quiet and discreet for public play
Ferri Review
  • powerful rumbly vibrations with multiple patterns
  • can be controlled by voice commands
  • app control allows long distance play with a partner
Domi 2 Review
  • dual motors stimulate the prostate and perineum simultaneously
  • provides hands-free fun
  • fully adjustable to hit the right spots
Edge 2 Review
  • quiet enough for public play
  • powerful rumbling vibrations
  • patterns and music sync
Lush 3 Review
  • long lasting
  • retains moisture
  • smooth texture enhances stimulation
Water Based Lubricant Review
  • deep vibrations along the shaft
  • air pump contractions
  • sync to music or partner's toy
Max 2 Review
  • dual motors in shaft and rabbit
  • sensors react and adjust to movements
  • remotely controlled via app
Nora Review
  • adjustable to hit the right spot
  • quiet and discreet
  • deep rumbly vibrations
Diamo Review
  • versatile stimulation of various erogenous zones
  • ultra flexible neck
  • strong vibrations in a compact discreet size
Ambi Review
  • oscilating head provides unique sensation
  • adjustable angles
  • app and voice control options
Osci 2 Review
  • enhances solo play with vibration patterns
  • easy to clean material
  • hands-free use
Domi Attachment Review
  • brings long distance play to life
  • sync toys in real time
  • discreet wearable options
Lovense Webcam Review
  • ability to thrust hands-free
  • adjustable vibration and speed settings via app
Gravity Review
  • adjustable arms flex to body
  • strong targeted vibrations
  • ultra quiet for discreet play
Gemini Review
  • powerful dual motors
  • customizable vibration patterns
  • optimized shape targets P-spot
Flexer Review
  • app control from anywhere
  • strong vibrations
  • quiet and discreet
Hush 2 Review
  • heightens stimulation with mild heating
  • silicone-based for longer glide
Exomoon Review
  • adjustable thrusting speed and depth
  • compatible with all toys
  • simple setup for solo or partner play
Lovense Sex Machine Review
  • ergonomic shape fits contours of body
  • ultra quiet motor
Calor Review
  • provides pulsating suction patterns
  • flexible contoured head
  • ultra quiet motor for discretion
Gush Review
  • intense rumbling vibrations
  • broad stimulating surface area
Hyphy Review
  • dual motors target G-spot and clit
  • rotating shaft adds blended sensations
  • optimized shape for comfort and pleasure
Dolce Review

We Reviewed the Top Lovense Sex Toys For You

Whether you're single, partnered, or somewhere in between, self-pleasure is healthy, normal and downright fun. And in the world of sex toys, Lovense delivers next-level pleasure and playfulness.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2009, Lovense designs state-of-the-art teledildonic toys that connect via Bluetooth or wifi and can be controlled through an app. From powerful vibrating wands to pulsating butt plugs, Lovense has a toy for every erogenous zone. Let's explore some of their most popular, innovative and orgasmic products.

Mind-Blowing Vibrators

Looking for intense clitoral stimulation? Craving satisfying g-spot pleasure? Lovense has a superb selection of vibrators designed for both solo and partner play.

Delightful Dildos

Craving the feeling of fullness? Eager for lifelike thrusting? Lovense dildos deliver incredible sensations, with app-controlled movement and vibration patterns.

Divine Derrière Delights

Anal toys provide exquisite nerve-rich pleasure, and Lovense has sublime options to satisfy and tantalize your rear.

Long-Distance Love Connections

One of the most exciting aspects of Lovense toys is that many of them enable long-distance intimacy. Partners can control each other's pleasure remotely through the well-designed app interfaces.

If you're in a long-distance relationship or one of you travels frequently for work, Lovense toys help keep that sexual spark glowing across the miles. Tease, provoke and delight each other with the tap of a screen. The toys also sync vibrations between partners for a tangible, immersive shared experience.

Or if you're single, you can also connect anonymously with random partners through the app if you crave interactive remote play.

Take Your Pleasure to New Heights

Life is too short for boring, lackluster sex toys. Lovense products offer superior quality, innovative designs and interactive app connectivity. Why settle for basic when you can ascend to ecstasy?

Make self-pleasure and intimacy so much more by experiencing Lovense sextoys. Choose toys matching your preferences and erogenous profile. Try out all of the features to discover new sensations.

With plunging, thrusting, throbbing, pulsating toys that conform to your body, you'll wonder how you ever came without Lovense. Let these smart sex tech products launch your pleasure into the stratosphere.