Sexting and nude pictures: Write your way to the climax!

Sexting and nude pictures

Sexting and nude pictures

Your phone vibrates because a new message has found its way to your mailbox. "Hey, babe, when I get home, I wanna see you naked in bed, okay?" And bam, you're tingling. Sexting can be fucking sexy. The erotic short messages sent via Messenger or SMS are the digital prelude to sex. Whether in long-distance relationships or as a hot flirt: With nude pictures and inspiring words you can really heat up your sweetheart. But how does sexting actually work? What should you write? And are nudes and dickpics a good idea? We will tell you how to avoid embarrassing dirty talk on your smartphone.

Table of Content

1. Dirty Talk in written form: What is so hot about sexting?

2. How does sexting work?

3. The 10 golden rules for successful dirty talk on the screen

4. Learn to write erotically: That's the way to do it!

5. Inspirations for Dirty Talk: You can write about it

6. The 1×1 of the nude pictures: Making Sexy Selfies

7. Safer Sexting: This way you stay anonymous and safe!

8. Can I earn money with sexting or erotic chats?

9. Dirty Talk in Messenger: Hot messages and intimate pictures in chat

Sexting and nude pictures: Write to the climax! dirty talk in writing: What is so hot about sexting?

The term "sexting" consists of two words: "sex" and "texting". You can probably already guess it: It's about exchanging sexy text messages, either by SMS, messenger or chat program. Yes, even the completely analogue love letters of the past can be sexting - even if we are talking more about digital dirty talk.

Dirty messages bring fire into your relationship. After all, the little flirts in broad daylight make you want more. And if life separates you temporarily (for example, because you are in a long-distance relationship), sexting can enrich your partnership enormously. The only question is: How does it work? Writing messages is not a problem for many people, but how do you bring the necessary sex appeal into play?

You don't have to pretend to sex with your partner. Write the way you would also speak!

How does sexting work?

Eroticism is composed of several components. Sounds, emotions, optics, touches, scents - a literally sensual experience! However, in dirty talk on the phone you only have the text to create desire. Sure, you can send pictures. But the trick is to write tingly and stimulate the mind at the same time.

There are several ways in which sexting can take place:

  1. You get a single, short message that gets your blood pumping. Aftermath not excluded...
  2. You exchange two or three salacious messages filled with dirty emojis.
  3. The phone vibrates all night. You text with one hand while your other hand disappears between your legs.
  4. You slip into completely different roles in Dirty Talk and live out a sensual role-play by text.
  5. Maybe you don't even know each other and just get heated up by the dirty words of the other.
  6. Instead of losing many words, you exchange exciting pictures.

So you see, there is no template for the perfect Dirty Talk. The contents of your messages are as individual as your sexual (pre-)story. But one thing always remains the same: Hot Dirty Talk stimulates you. Of course it's nice to get red-hot compliments or to see sexy pictures. But often sending suggestive messages is almost more fun. You can experiment to your heart's content. What appeals to you the most?

Our extra tip for you

You would like to try out sexting, but don't have a suitable partner with whom you can exchange dirty words? No problem! Sexting has the big advantage that you don't have to see the person or know them personally. At Jerkmate you will find countless men and women who want to try out online Dirty Talk. Just click through the classifieds or create an ad yourself to find a suitable sexting partner!

The 10 golden rules for successful dirty talk on screen

  1. Check the receiver! Make sure that your messages go to the right man or woman - and not to "Dad" instead of "Patrick" by mistake.
  2. Avoid typos! Even if the blood is not in the brain at the moment: Watch your spelling. Your counterpart should roughly understand what you want to express.
  3. Keep it short! It is infinitely frustrating to wait minutes for the next message. The desire falters, the images in your head fade away. Better exchange more, but shorter texts!
  4. Pay attention to the balance! Phrases like "And then...?" can be sexy, but don't let your partner do all the work. Sexting is mutual!
  5. Let it rip! Dirty talk is perfect when you want to try a different side of yourself. You are allowed to use dirty words. Maybe you like it!
  6. Find the right moment! Dirty Talk can spice up a boring working day - or become very unpleasant if it comes at the wrong time. Don't send nude pictures when your sweetheart is in an important meeting!
  7. Choose the right ending! Sexting thrives on head cinema - and that can't go on forever. Limit yourself to two or three hot text messages and then continue the pleasure in the real world.
  8. Have fun! It is quite unlikely that your hot sexting will have negative consequences (unless you are writing with an affair). If you are uncomfortable with the sexting messages, you can simply delete them from your history.
  9. Include the body! You will probably soon notice physically that you like the text exchange. It's perfectly okay to combine sexting with solo sex.
  10. Fuck smart tips! You know best what turns you on. Try everything you are interested in, but find your own sexting style!

Learn to write erotically: That's the way to do it!

In school we learn how to write boring reports, analyses and letters. That's why most men and women have a rather stiff writing style - not exactly the peak of eroticism. But there is a simple antidote: Speak out your sex messages before you type them in! This automatically makes the sentence structure flow more naturally and sounds more like you.

"A woman's most precious possession is a man's imagination" - Beate Uhse

Dirty Talk often feels "unnatural" because there is no practice. So it doesn't matter if you talk to your sweetheart in the real world or exchange dirty words online. Everyone has their own style. Maybe you rather love the soft sounds and compliment your partner in bed. And that's completely okay! You don't have to act out porn to trigger images in your head. Try to bring your pillow talk into the digital world: Use the words and terms you would normally use! It feels wrong if you suddenly start throwing around hardcore nude photos and obscene words.

Our extra tip for you

The best sexting tip: Remember beautiful, erotic experiences in your relationship and write them down. This awakens memories and stimulates the imagination.

Inspirations for Dirty Talk: You can write about it

You do not know how to find the right words? How about the following texts to get you started?

"I want you."

"What do you want to do with me?"

"Hey, I was just thinking about night before last. I'd like some more of this."

"I had a dream last night that made me really wet. You want to hear it?"

"There's a surprise for you tonight.

"My hand is clasping something big and strong right now. Can't wait till you get home."

"Remember yesterday when you held my wrists? I'd like to explore that further."

"I'm gonna give it to you big time tonight."

"Don't you dare do it yourself today! Wait till I get there.

"I was just thinking about you, and now I have a hard-and-dry problem.

"Wear XY after. I want to see you in it."

"You can do anything you want with me.

"I'm completely naked right now. I'm sure you'd like to see me naked."

Our extra tip for you

With emojis you understand each other without words! There are some pictures which are clearly ambiguous. Popular characters are the eggplant (shaped like the man's best piece), the zucchini, the juicy peach, the chili pepper, the honey pot (from "honey pot", English expression for the vagina) and the fire emoji. But maybe there are other smileys that fit better to your language?

The 1×1 of the nude pictures: Making Sexy Selfies

Pictures say more than a thousand words. Nothing stimulates the imagination as effectively as erotic picture material. The optical support to Dirty Talk can look sensual and subtle or reveal everything about you. As with sexting, there are no clear rules. Except for an enormous no-go:

Never send dickpics or nude pictures to strangers or friends without asking!

You probably know it too: You make 50 selfies, one of which you think is good - maybe. With pictures of your naked body you might be even more critical. But that doesn't have to be the case! Erotic pictures can support the digital dirty talk even if they don't have photographer quality. Sometimes it is even advantageous if the interesting parts are hidden in the shadow. Then the head cinema runs at full speed.

You only need your mobile phone camera and halfway good lighting conditions to take nice nude pictures. You probably haven't had much practice and don't know your best side yet. Treat yourself to a test shooting! Try out different poses and lighting conditions. That way you will get a feeling for how to put yourself in a sexy scene.

Our extra tip for you

Sure, you can take the pictures while you're sexting messages over the airwaves. But in the heat of the moment, you don't necessarily get the best pictures. Instead, create a folder of your favorite pictures and send them to your sweetheart at the right moment. That way you don't have to interrupt the pillow talk to take pictures!

Safer Sexting: This way you stay anonymous and safe!

Okay, sexy pictures are great! But at the same time there are also risks: If you send nude pictures, they can get out in a twisted way. How can you satisfy your desire and be safe on the Internet at the same time? The following sexting tips are all about your safety.

  1. Only take pictures of your body, not your face. Make sure that no one recognizes you in the photos.
  2. If you have conspicuous tattoos or piercings, you can either hide them, cover them up or make them unrecognizable with image editing.
  3. Make sure that the background of the picture does not allow any conclusions about your person!
  4. To prevent hackers from getting hold of the spicy photos, you should send your nudes via encrypted communication channels.
  5. Some apps have a built-in "self-destruction mode" for Dirty Talk and Nudes. The content disappears by itself after viewing. Use such options!
  6. If you are under 18, sending (and receiving) offensive pictures may be illegal. You should wait until you are of age before doing so.
  7. If you buy a new smartphone and dispose of your old one, you should completely erase the memory before you do so.

Our extra tip for you

Even if you only exchange nudes and nude pictures within your relationship - take care of your safety. On the one hand, there are hackers who can gain access to your phone data. On the other hand, the partnership could end unpleasantly. And who knows where your naked pictures will end up...

Can I earn money with sexting or erotic chats?

Erotic services are an exciting way to earn a little pocket money. This applies to both men and women. The business with disreputable text messages and nude photos is booming! You don't even have to meet with your customers and sexting partners to start a business.

Our extra tip for you

If you earn money with sexting, you have to declare it as additional income for tax purposes. The tax office helps you to travel legally and safely. As long as everything is digital, you don't have to register as a sex worker.

There are many business models around the (virtual) trade with nude pictures, dirty talk and erotic chats. You can either register with an agency or search for potential customers with classified ads. Payment is often done in advance: You get the money transferred and offer a certain service in return - for example 10 dirty messages, an hour of live chat or three erotic pictures. You decide yourself what you want in return. It's worth comparing prices with the "competition" and orientating yourself by the example of other sex chatters.

The only no-go in sexting? Don't enjoy it! It's perfectly okay if you're not into dirty talk.

Dirty Talk in Messenger: Hot messages and intimate pictures in chat

Dirty talk is really not as hard as you think. Very few people like pompous pick-up lines or want to read perfectly formulated rhetoric. It's all about hitting on your partner (and you!). It doesn't matter if you send pictures, exchange fantasies or write very short commands to each other.

You too can learn hot dirty talk! Yes, in the first messages it is probably still unusual and strange, but the right words will surely quickly unleash the fire of passion in you. Try it out!

Published Date: 27th Jul 2020
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