Female 19yo covered in cum and fucked on the floor (kind of long)

I've been reading stories on here for a while now and finally decided to post one of my own! A slightly tame one for my first but for abit of background: my boyfriend and i have a dom/sub relationship in our sex life and some other times but not permanently & we dont live together.

Anyway this day we decided to go on a walk so he drove over to my place, he ended up sat on my sofa with me on the floor. I needed his dick, i was so horny i wanted him to fuck me so much, so i started to tease him, i knew it was naughty and i figured he'd punish me for it but i've been so horny recently it was almost unbearable.

I started by kneeling infront of him, sliding my hands up his thighs and looking in his eyes, running my hands down his chest and across his crotch, playing with the latch on his belt and lifting the bottom of his tshirt to feel his skin. I then turned around and crawled away from him, arching my back so show off my ass to him, in one swift movement he leant forward and spanked me, it was playful but it stung and i gasped yet he spoke firmly and told me to stop being such a tease. I should have stopped but I couldn't resist, I crawled back over to him and straddled his lap, kissing him and feeling his chest up and down and grinding on him feeling his bulge against my pussy with his strong hands gripping my small waist, he was rock hard for me. Suddenly he gripped me and flipped me over so I was bent over his lap, pulled my leggings down to expose my ass, rubbing it with his palm he asked how I should be punished for not listening to him, a rhetorical question I realised once I opened my mouth to speak and felt the force of his hand land firmly on my asscheek, hard, my breath caught in my throat as the stinging sensation tingled where his hand had been, 'was that good enough to teach you?' he asked, and before i had a chance to answer he landed another firm spank on my ass, followed by another. 'three spanks for a naughty slut' he said, as he pulled me back up. He said i could have one taste of him, to sate me, so he undid his belt and brought his dick out, allowing me only one taste i pushed his length into my mouth, moving my tongue around the tip and sliding it deep in until it hit the back of my throat, before he lifted my head off and did his zipper back up.

His attempt to sate me only made me want him more! so i got on my knees infront of him again, looking at him with my horny eyes, I crawled up onto his lap and started whispering to him how I was his slut, how i wanted him to use me, how i wanted to slide him into my mouth and taste his cum and with that he couldnt take my horniness anymore, or he got sick of my whining, and he grabbed me by my hair and yanked me up hard, walking so quickly he was almost dragging me, all of a sudden i was begging for him to slow down and telling him i was sorry for teasing him as he threw me to my knees, his hand still firmly gripping my hair to control my whole body

his grip never faltered as he undid his belt and his zipper and i felt his hard cock against my lips, pushing to be let in, the moment i opened my mouth he started throat fucking me, going as fast and deep as he liked and making me take it, this went on until i was a mess, with spit and precum all over my face he pulled me back up to standing, i was gasping for breath but he wasnt finished with me yet, without hesitation he span me round and forcefully pushed me into a bent over position, positioned his dick at the entrance of my pussy, one hand gripping my ass and he other pulling my hair as he pounded into me he is of an above average length and to have him pounding into me like this was so intense, i couldn't form words i could only moan as he used my slutty hole for his pleasure, thrusting hard and deep into my wet little pussy but he still wasnt satisfied with me, he pulled out and told me where he wanted me, back on the sofa in the other room, as i went to stand up he went 'no, crawl there you little slut' so i crawled, my wet pussy dripping and on full display to him, and the moment i got there he was back into my mouth, he tasted like my juices and i was more prepared this time, i took his full length until it hit the back of my throat, again he was controlling the speed and how deep he was going, using my mouth as just a fuck hole for his dick and he bent me over again, switching between my mouth and pussy without giving me time to comprehend, this time smacking my ass as he pushed into me, he fucked me quickly and aggressively, owning me as his and using me as his fucktoy, i could feel him building to cum, his strokes getting harder and more forceful as he got closer and closer when he was so close it was almost unbearable he span me round one last time, on my knees with him stood over me, his perfect dick at the height of my face, and he started jerking it, so i opened my mouth with my tongue out , and looked him in the eyes telling him i wanted sir's cum on me, and he did, he exploded onto me, his sweet salty cum in my mouth and on my face, covering me in it like a dirty cumslut.

he then decided it was my turn for pleasure, he decided i had been good and redeemed myself for the teasing as i sat there covered in his warm cum, and he slid a finger inside me, and then as soon as he realised how wet i was another finger, and with two fingers deep inside of me, his thumb playing with my clit and the other hand around my throat i begged him to let me orgasm, he tightened his grip around my throat but he said he allowed my orgasm and my orgasm was amazing, it rippled through my body and i squirted all over his hand but he didn't stop what his fingers were doing, he knows he can give me multiple orgasms like this and no more than a minute later another mind blowing orgasm left his hand dripping once again, me screaming his name only made him go harder and i came again, before my body almost collapsed into him Orgasming with his cum still on my face and the taste of him on my tongue with his strong hand around my throat, is an unbelievable feeling.

Published Date: 24th Oct 2020
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