Masturbation tips for men

Masturbation tips for men

Masturbation tips for men

Many men experience masturbation as very exciting and enjoy the opportunity to achieve an intense orgasm for themselves. However, masturbation in men is not just about chasing the long-awaited ejaculation - rather, the stronger sex is allowed to explore new erogenous zones and try out unusual grip techniques. In the following lines, we will tell you how you can make masturbation even more exciting as a man, which aids can increase your lust and why a quick change of position can often give you an additional kick.

Table of Content

1. Why masturbation serves your pleasure

2. Get yourself in the mood

3. Turn on your head cinema

4. Discover the erogenous zones of your body

5. Vary the grip technique

6. Include sex toys in masturbation

7. Get yourself in the mood with small aids

8. Support masturbation with water

9. Do not focus only on your orgasm

10. Involve your partner

11. Conclusion

Why masturbation serves your pleasure

First of all, you should know that end then and want to jerk off. Whether you want to focus on the ejaculation in a quick way or simply pamper yourself with a nice feeling during masturbation is entirely up to you. Maybe you just want to relax after a stressful day at work and masturbate with sensual thoughts. Masturbation for men is solely for feeling and enjoying and can also be beneficial in an existing relationship. Through masturbation you can find out which touches make you ejaculate and how to prevent premature ejaculation. With this knowledge, you can guide your partner during sexual intercourse and make your lovemaking even more exciting.

At this point, always remember that the path is the goal and that you can also give your partner additional satisfaction if you can control your lust even more precisely. In this way you can give yourself and your partner additional feelings of happiness and thus strengthen your relationship.

Get yourself in the mood

In order to make masturbation a pampering programme, you should take enough time and make sure you are in the right mood.

  1. Choose a place where you feel particularly good and which is reserved just for you. Perhaps you will make yourself comfortable in your bed or snuggle up on the sofa under a warm blanket.
  2. Remember that masturbation in men is not about premature ejaculation, but plan enough time for your tingling journey of discovery.
  3. Make sure that nobody can disturb you during this time or even enter your place of well-being unannounced when you enjoy your ejaculation.

After all, you should let go during masturbation and be able to fully concentrate on yourself. Maybe you would like to light some candles or let some soft music play in the background. The use of a stimulating body oil can also stimulate your senses and contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

Our extra tip for you

Leave the everyday life behind you completely, if you want to masturbate and direct your thoughts only to yourself, the feeling of your body and your ejaculation.

Turn on your head cinema

Your fantasy is the centre of your lust and plays an important role when you want to jerk off. Maybe you just let your imagination run wild and remember a hot encounter with a mysterious stranger. Or you imagine an exciting threesome with two women who spoil you in all arts and make you ejaculate. Fantasies with other men or thoughts of slippery bondage are also not unusual and can help you to ejaculate. If you like, you can also jerk off to an erotic film, porn or a hot story. However, if you want to avoid premature ejaculation, we recommend that you focus entirely on your thoughts.

Try out different variations at this point and you will soon notice what makes you particularly fancy. Open yourself to new things at this point and you will be surprised by yourself many times.

Discover the erogenous zones of your body

First of all, it should be said that men have many erogenous zones and you should therefore include your entire body in masturbation. Therefore, you should not jerk off directly and only aim for your ejaculation, but slowly feel your way towards your penis. First, gently move your fingers over your neck and throat and pause briefly. You will probably feel your neck hairs stand up slightly and react to your tender gestures. Now continue slowly and gently run one or two fingers over your nipples. Already now you will probably feel your sexual arousal increase and you will feel an increasing desire to masturbate. Now gently caress your belly with your flat hand, circle your navel and include the insides of your thighs.

Many men experience completely new feelings of elation through anal penetration and like to include the area around the anus in their masturbation. If you do not want to experience premature ejaculation or do not want to masturbate directly, then simply switch to this form of stimulation in between.

Maybe you are just imagining your girlfriend or lover lovingly kissing you and covering your body with hot kisses. Now you can devote yourself to your penis and touch it first gently, then with more pressure. Grasp your penis shaft, play a little with your scrotum and massage your glans with your fingertip. You will soon discover that you can jerk off in numerous ways and you can explore many excitable points. If you know your body and all erogenous zones, you will experience a breathtaking ejaculation during masturbation as well as during sex.

Vary the grip technique

If you take a little time, you will soon find that many species will make you ejaculate when you want to jerk off. Maybe you want to playfully delay your orgasm and thus increase the anticipation of your ejaculation a little? To do this, you only need to pause during masturbation so that your erection can increase again and again. You can use this lustful pampering method until you can no longer resist your orgasm. Many men experience a particularly powerful orgasm through this targeted prolongation of masturbation and counteract premature ejaculation. If, on the other hand, you prefer the classic method, you can gently embrace your penis with your hand and let it slide up and down. At this point you can vary the pressure and speed. At the same time, imagine that your best part is being enclosed by your loved one's hands while she wants to jerk you off.

Our extra tip for you

Take enough time and you will be surprised what effect your fingers and palms can have.

Many men also like to masturbate with two hands. For example, you can place one hand around the lower part of your limb and let it slide up and down with alternating pressure. With the other hand you can devote yourself to the sensitive area around the glans and massage it gently. If you like, you can also make slight pushing movements and turn your hands into your personal tunnel of pleasure. Maybe you want to concentrate fully on your glans and pay special attention to it during masturbation? Here you can use various techniques to involve this sensitive area when you masturbate. If you are a skilled finger acrobat, you can easily massage and circle your glans with your thumb and index finger, for example. Alternatively, you can place your glans in the palm of your hand and perform rhythmic movements. In this way, your glans will be gently aroused and the feeling of real sex will be imitated. You see, there are numerous variations and grip techniques and you alone decide which one you want to use to jerk off.

Include sex toys in masturbation

It is amazing what pleasure you can experience by using small sex toys. If you prefer particularly emotional solo sex, we recommend the use of a so-called Fleshlight. This Fleshlight is a lifelike replica of a vagina, which is usually made of a particularly soft material. You can insert your penis into the opening of the Fleshlight and thus jerk off in a targeted manner. Since this special toy now tightly encloses your penis, you will experience the feeling of real intercourse and may be transported to seventh heaven during your ejaculation. Of course you can also use lubricant and dream yourself into the arms of your beloved with a little fantasy. By the way, Fleshlights are also available with a practical wall mount that allows you to have both hands free during stimulation.

By using sex toys you can not only increase your own lust during masturbation, but also improve your stamina during sexual intercourse with your partner and prevent premature ejaculation.

Get yourself in the mood with small aids

If you don't have any sex toys at hand at the moment, you will still find some clever objects in your environment that will bring you closer to your ejaculation. For example, you can use two pillows to form a narrow tunnel through which you can pierce your penis. Change the rhythm regularly at this point and imagine that you are holding the soft waist of your loved one in your hands. Alternatively, you can sit on a chair with your legs spread so that your penis touches the back of the chair. Now you make circular movements and press your penis continuously against the back of the chair. This comfortable sitting position allows you to relax completely during the stimulation and concentrate fully on your pleasure. This position is therefore very popular with men who want to jerk off quickly and easily and experience premature ejaculation.

Our extra tip for you

Make sure to use only aids with a smooth surface that do not irritate your penis uncomfortably during stimulation.

Support masturbation with water

Perhaps you also prefer a stimulating bathing experience and want to integrate the element of water into your solo act? At this point you can, for example, direct the shower jet onto your penis and enjoy a moist and joyful massage. But make sure not to use too hot water. Alternatively, you can take a warm bath and jerk off under water.

The extra moisture not only provides an extra kick, but is particularly suitable if you prefer very gentle stimulation and want to avoid premature ejaculation.

Do not focus only on your orgasm

Always remember: Masturbation is not a competitive sport and serves primarily to experience one's own lust. If you have difficulties experiencing an orgasm in the beginning, you should not put yourself under any pressure. Never forget that the way is the goal and that your daily form is also decisive at this point. If you notice that you cannot switch off, you should masturbate on another day and relax in a different way. So don't focus too much on your ejaculation, but experiment a little and get to know your body. There are no rules that determine how often and in what form a man should masturbate. While some men masturbate five times a day, other men devote only once a month to masturbation.

Never forget that your sexuality belongs to you alone and do not let external factors influence you at this point. If you are in harmony with yourself, you can also let yourself go best in masturbation.

Involve your partner

Maybe you prefer a particularly exclusive audience during masturbation? Why not invite your partner or lover to keep you company while you masturbate? Through this particularly stimulating form of voyeurism, your partner can learn from you and use proven grip techniques the next time she wants to jerk you off. Most likely your partner will find your solo act very erotic and will be happy to help you to premature ejaculation.

Our extra tip for you

Since only you alone determine the rules of masturbation, it is entirely up to you when your partner may also become active and jerk you off. And with a little luck, you may even be allowed to play the observer yourself.


Masturbation includes many types of games that can increase your excitement. If you take a little time for yourself, you will quickly find out which techniques and fantasies will get you in the mood. Basically there is no uniform guideline for masturbation, so you should always try out new methods yourself. Moreover, it is entirely up to you whether you want to jerk off quickly or enjoy the stimulation itself. If you follow our tips, you will set the course for breathtaking solo sex, which will benefit both you and your partner.

Published Date: 27th Jul 2020
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